Simple Fabric Crafts You Can Make From Scraps

I was recently cleaning out the closet where I store all of my sewing supplies. I kept pulling out bags and boxes filled with large and small scraps of fabric I had leftover from projects. It felt a bit overwhelming seeing all the scraps, but a little exciting, too.

I dumped all the scraps on the floor and sat down and started wondering. What could I make with all of this fabric?

Most of the pieces were to small for my normal projects, but the variety of colors and patterns got my mind whirling. I pulled over my laptop, jumped onto Instagram and Facebook and started searching for ideas. Here are some of the ideas I have already made, and a few that are upcoming projects.

Patchwork Baby Quilt – I am not a quilter. (Or a quitter, either.) But when I saw all the cute pieces of fabric I had and thought of an upcoming baby shower, I couldn’t resist. I know, a quilt is not a simple project, but it sure was fun.

Phone Cases – I found a pattern on Instagram to make phone cases using fabric scraps. I went a little crazy on this one and ended up making a dozen cases. They were a huge success as simple gifts to give for birthdays and Christmas. I had superhero phone cases, Barbie cases and then lots of great patterns for women. It took less than a day to make the entire dozen.

Bookmarks – Talk about a simple fabric craft project. I took fabric scraps, cut them to about a foot long, and then sewed them to make a neat and clean bookmark. I used a second pattern that added a piece of elastic to hold pages open, too. I wasn’t as thrilled with the ones with elastic for myself, but a few friends latched onto them mentioning how their fans always lost their place.

Mug Rugs – I am forever losing coasters in my house, so this project seemed perfect. I followed a pattern to make star designs using simple triangles cut from my fabric scraps. I made little rugs that are six inch squares to use in my living room and family rooms. They are the perfect size to put a cold glass on and still have room for a handful of candy or nuts.

Glass Cases – Do you buy too many pairs of sunglasses, too? I think everyone in my family has at least four pairs of sunglasses. Most of them end up sitting on counters collecting dust. I used a some of my fabric to make enough glass cases for all the sunglasses I found and about 10 extra to give as gifts.

Wallets – I think every year my husband gets a wallet from someone for either Christmas or his birthday. When I saw this pattern I could not resist. I made several bi-fold and tri-fold wallets to give as gifts. They are unique looking wallets that you would never find in a store. I made some that looked very masculine, but most are obviously for women. I even have one in my handbag now.

Pencil Bags – This is the only item I spent much money on. I had to buy zippers for all the small pencil bags I made. We help with a school supply project in our community every year. This year I added something unique. Every supply bag had a custom pencil bag enclosed.

This is just a few of the simple fabric crafts I have tried with my scraps. Do you have other clever ideas to make with fabric scraps? I love sewing and using these ideas was an exciting way to empty the closet.

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